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Bored? Look at These Hobby Ideas!

Bored? Look at These Hobby Ideas! Have you ever played one too many computer game or watched one too many old rerun? You just can’t get into another mystery and you just feel flat? Maybe you are suffering from boredom, that familiar accomaniment to our automated, precooked lifestyles. If so, you need to check out […]

History of Candle Making

Title: History of Candle Making Word Count: 853 Summary: History on Candle Making from 3000 BC to Present. Contains information from Egyptians to Europians. Keywords: Beeswax, Candles, Candle wicks, Candle Stands, Article Body: Who invented the candle? Candles were invented independently in many countries. The Egyptians and Cretans made candles from beeswax, about 3000 BC. […]

Are you addicted to scrapbooking?

Title: Are you addicted to scrapbooking? Word Count: 505 Summary: Some people say they took up scrapbooking because they felt guilty about having so many boxes of photographs gathering dust in the attic.There are many reasons that this has become a very popular hobby. Keywords: scrapbook supplies online catalogs Article Body: Many who suddenly get […]

Coin Collecting

Title: Coin Collecting Word Count: 551 Summary: One of the most popular hobbies today is coin collecting. Coin collecting is a fun pastime that can be enjoyed by anyone. The premise of coin collecting lies in the idea that certain coins are more valuable than others. Amateur collectors often save a coin if they notice […]

Art of Glass painting

Title: Art of Glass painting Word Count: 329 Summary: Art is something which makes you relax from all the stress. Glass painting is one of the fine types of painting. Glass painting is executed with oil and hard resin or watercolor and gum on glass sheet. Keywords: painting books, tole painting book,oil painting book, face […]

Collection of Collectibles

Title: Collection of Collectibles Word Count: 491 Summary: Out of the many different hobbies in existance, collecting can be one of the most expensive. Luckily, many online sites exist that offer their customers a great range of collectibles at fantastic prices. Keywords: collectibles, angels, dolls, jewelry, wildlife collections, music boxes, leasure, collecting, cheap collectibles, discount […]

Dogs Make Me Smile

Dogs Make Me Smile Summary: I am the owner of two miniature dachshunds who share my house and home. Many dog owners would rephrase that and instead call me the human who shares the house with the dogs. Dogs are indeed wonderful creatures. Recent experiences have made me reflect upon and notice things about dogs […]


srapbook_journal Quick and simple scrapbooking Scrapbooking is one hobby that produces great results. Unlike other kinds of hobbies that only sharpens the skills but do not produce anything concrete, with scrapbooking, you will not only develop your creative skills but you will also create great pieces of artwork in the process. This is perhaps why […]